Restore the right to be innocent until proven guilty

Sarah’s law and the legislation surrounding it do no more than ensure that convicted sex offenders are viewed as wanting to commit further crimes, no matter if they have been rehabilitated or reformed.

I strongly feel that this is wrong for a number of reasons, as not only is the rate of re-offending smaller in this group than several others, but most sexual offences against children are committed by family members and relatives.

All these laws do is pander to the lowest common denominator, keep parents in a state of fear and isolate people who have committed sex crimes but who have reformed themselves.

We don’t assume that people who have been jailed for drug offences will repeat their past behaviour after rehabilitation, so why sexual offences?

Why does this idea matter?

– repeal of sarah’s law and any surrounding legislation
– reform of the sex offender’s register to take into account rehabilitation and other treatments

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