Restoring the reputation of and trust with Parliament


These are minimum requirements before the very low esteem of those in public office can be restored.

Before 1997 when New Labour first was elected spin was not a term that was used as it is today even though it actually goes back to Machiavelli in the fifteenth century, if not earlier.

However deceit in politics ought not be something we encourage. Therefore, can we have political leaders who tell the truth even when it hurts like David Cameron did over Lord Ashcroft, for example, quite possibly over embarrassment over his tax status that actually wanting to mislead.

Do we not all benefit from being straightforward like Michael Gove who seeks to tell the truth over cuts to schools because there is no money even when it hurts and only became embroiled because he was fed inaccurate information?

Most of us has a political leaning one way or another and that is fine but where is the need to lie and cheat about it? Some matters have to be kept under wraps such as matters of security or where delicate negotiations are currently under way with others. Fair enough, when unable to say anything say nothing except that security precludes disclosure on this matter or delicate negotiations are currently under way. But tell the truth, only the truth.

There is no need for the adversarial nature of politics even if historically it arose at a time when in Britain when there was. To see adults behaving like adolescents arguing over almost every matter in the House of Commons to score points in a tribal conflict makes us a laughing stock around the world.

Finally can we do away with all the ritual. It was put there for a reason such as wigged judges to terrify suspects in court but those days are long since past. David Cameron was unable to speak in the Commons for the first time as PM until they moved the mace into the correct position. What kind of nonsense is this? And banging on the doors with the rod, acting out that well worn script before the Queen reciting the government's portfolio, not her own, and having it called the Queen's speech, the Lord Chief Justice and all those others in wigs and robes looking like blithering idiots, is it not time to consign this all to history?


Why does this idea matter?

We need to restore the reputation of and trust with Parliament

We do not need immature behaviour

We do not need ancient rituals in the twenty first century

We need to project an image at home and abroad than Britain is not wallowing in the past

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