Restrict the intrusive interferance of the Care Commission in Childcare

Regulatory Bodies such as the Care Commission in Scotland should have their powers restricted since they are becoming increasingly overbearing making ludicrous demands of childcare staff.

Childcare staff came into the profession to 'care for children' not to fill in reams of paper 'proving ' they do this and that! getting children from baby to three to assess and evaluate the service!!

Chasing parents for their opinions on the service and making demands on their time getting them to fill in surveys by the score, asking them if they would like to be involved in intervieing new staff! The parents vote for all of the above and more with their feet.

If they had a problem with the nursery they would bring it to the manager to be resolved and if not they would go elsewhere.

Managers who were brought to the job with the appropriate skills experience and nursery qualifications are now being required to complete a BA degree while holding down a full time demanding job and regardless of their age! Some are near retirement.

 This is supposed to 'raise the standard' of education for the children.

All this has done is frighten  off those experienced childcare workers who should be in management positions and encouraged some inexperienced 'failed' teachers who do not know one end of a child from the other to think they can apply for managers positions.

These regulations were pushed in by SSSC (Scottish Social Service Council) with not clear thought on how this would be managed in the sector and no consultation with the nurseries.

Why does this idea matter?

This is important because many nursery staff are discouraged by the negative approach of Care Commission Officers many of whom one would question their own ablities and people skills and who are obviously on a 'power trip'

The whole inspection process is flawed from the consistancy of the inspectors to the prejudiced personality traits shown.

many nurseries report outrageous inconsistancies and their so called grading system is laughable.

It defies mathematical logic but is consitant with their tendancy to bring negativity to the reports. If you are fortunate enough to gain scores of Very good over 3 out of 4 sections of a standard and a good in the fourth, the whole score is reduced to 'good'!! Logic???

My idea to abolish the degrees for managers of childcare services are important because we are losing valuable experienced cares to the service who most parents would prefer to see 'caring' for their children and developing their skills as they have been doing for many years.

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