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Restrict the irresponsible power wielded by C.M.E.C. (formerly C.S.A.)

Comment 22nd July 2010

Restrict the way in which C.M.E.C. (C.S.A.) are allowed to act in the name of protecting children with no consideration or responsiblity for the wilful destruction of families, acting above the law, protecting themselves by the very laws they created, using abusive and bullying behaviour, criminalising parents, restricting their movements, imposing DEO's with no regard, destroying the family unit. Individual circumstances are not taken into account and C.M.E.C. instead of resolving issues would rather quote regulation and resolve nothing.

Review each case on its merits, not stupid regulation put in place to protect C.M.E.C. and interprete as they see fit. There are many parents who have genuine reasons for the circumstances in which they find themselves, C.M.E.C. in their pursuit of officious interpretation and regulation with the ability ignore appeals, have by there actions caused the deaths of more than 60 people, in any other civilised society they would be charged with man slaughter

Why does this matter?

My idea is important because C.M.E.C. destroy's families contact and parenting suffer because of their brutal handling of bureaucracy with little or no means of appeal, infringing civil liberties in the process. The so called Independent appeal process is so constrained by the legislation C.M.E.C. have enforced to protect themselves there are only certain grounds for appeal, no court in the land can constrain a defendant in such a way, only C.M.E.C. are above the law. C.M.E.C try to be-smirch characters in defence of their legislation, coerce and manipulate anything but written correspondence rendering telephone conversations un-usable, lets get back to a state where the people we pay to administer this service actually listen and take into consideration all factors, when dealing with children never is one case the same as another.

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