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Restriction of Trade Union power

Comment 13th August 2010

In  view of the tremendous upheaval caused to the travelling public by the strikes in the air travel business when  insignificant numbers of Union Members cause massive problems to travellers, I would suggest  that as the latter's Civil liberties are being prejudiced  the power of the Unions should be curtailed. I suggest that when  Strike action is proposed, the dispute  is immediately made the the subject of Arbitration and a "cooling off"  period  enforced. Further that the outcome of  the Arbitration is made binding on the disputing parties.I further suggest that  normal pay levels should continue during the dispute but that once the Arbitration settlement is reached it is made effective from the commencement of the proposed Strike action. However, during the Arbitration  period Union members should be free to make alternative employment arrangements if they wish but not permitted to "sign on" as being unemployed




Why does this matter?

This is important because every one is heartily sick of being held to ransom by a small number of individuals  exercising "their rights" over the rights of those of us who effectively provide their Income and although not being involved in a dispute are the ones who suffer the consequences.It would be only fair, right and equitable to have a level playing field. By all means let there be full and frank discussions which lead to an acceptable conclusion without the present rampant coercion.

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