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Retain Analogue Radio

Comment 8th July 2010


FM/Analogue radio provides superb reception over the whole country whilst digital radio is unstable and has extremely poor quality and coverage. 

Digital radio uses more power which will mean the requirement of more resources and therefore a retrograde step in the quest for energy efficiency.  The change to digital radio would involve the scrapping of millions of perfectly serviceable analogue radios. The business of the exchange and so called refurbishment of analogue radios for the use of people in the third world is  smoke screen.  The system would not be able to handle the millions of radios involved and therefore millions of radios would end up in landfill.  Furthermore, only a limited number of poor people would be able to afford the batteries needed or have access to electricity to run the radios.  The era of accurate time checks would end.  

Why does this matter?

It is important to retain analogue radio because it works and does not involve the unnecessary use/waste of precious resources.

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