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Retain the Ragwort Control Act 2003

Comment 3rd August 2010

The fact that there are few notified incidences of death or liver damage to animals is itself evidence of the effectiveness of the RCA 2003. If there was no control Ragwort would spread exponentially.

The incidences and severity of damage to animals would increase accordingly. It is a very persistent weed and once it takes hold can be expensive as a result of having to use a suitable weedkiller or take a number of years to properly eradicate from land by painstaking and careful pulling up of the plant with it's roots.

Whatever the number of actually reported incidences there are Ragwort does damage the liver of animals. To leave it unrestricted will simply increase incidences and underlying problems of animals which fail to be related to the consumption of ragwort with consequences tthat the animal is unaware of.

Why does this matter?

To continue to prevent unnecessary increase in suffering of grazing animals, their potential loss and unnecessary vets bills.

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