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Retaining cheques

Comment 11th July 2010

I have heard that banks plan to scrap the use of cheques, meaning that monetary transactions would have to be by cash, by credit/debit card, or by internet banking.

I would urge the government to prevent this move and force banks to retain this option.

Why does this matter?

Innumerable small businesses depend on payment by cheque, not to mention private transactions. People do not want to carry large amounts of cash. Surely this move would be a step backwards, and make life considerably less convenient for almost everybody.

If the justification is that of saving paper, this would be ridiculous when you consider how much more paper is wasted in other ways which are not useful in any way, such as excessive packaging, and in any case, used cheques can be recycled like other paper.

The human interaction of an agreement and a trust between two parties by face-to-face transactions can never be replaced by using the internet.

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