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Rethink the Digital Economy Act

Comment 5th July 2010

To ban certain websites or to restrict peoples access to the internet is not going to solve copyright infringment ,people will find another way round this .. what needs to happen is sites need to be created that charge a low monthly fee that is passed on the the record/film industry .     

Why does this matter?

This will encourge people to download content legally at the top speed there connection will support .it will stimulate growth in this sector and be more cost effective to the consumer saving record/film industry distribution costs and will increase there revenue . going are the days we need to have shelves and shelves of cd's and dvds with 39 million people online in the uk lets say half this amount agree to pay £10 per month for upto 20 gig of content per month thats a shade under 2 billion per month. this to me makes more sence instead of taking our rights to access the internet without persecution

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