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Retrospective Graduate tax

Comment 15th July 2010



Any UK graduate who recieved a University education since the creation of the welfare state to pay 1 pence in every pound earned over £15k p a  as a graduate tax – using the precendent in the Bhurma Oil case to push through a retrospective piece of legislation .

This will allow the state to recoup some of the money spent in grants in the period 1948-1989 prior to the introduction of student loans and more recently fees, and this  would redress the percieved imbalance betweent the generations.



Why does this matter?

Young people rightly see  drawbridges being pulled up behind their forebears and resent this. The wealth of those who have benefitted in the past should help pay for the creation of future wealth for all.

Redress through an intelligent tax,  would reduce the likihood  of future insurrection and generational violence. "Reform that ye may preserve!"

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