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Return Internet Access to DEFAULT:ALLOW

Comment 15th March 2013

The internet has traditionally been a default:allow state, this means that if you did not specifically disallow access to your network via passwords or other security, it was considered fair game to access the network.

It is now illegal to access an unsecured and open network even if it has been deliberately left it that way. The network is now DEFAULT:DENY.

Nearly all access points to the internet have the capability of being secured and I imagine most, if not all, internet access points of internet users come pre-secured by their ISP.

Why does this matter?

The internet shouldn't be restricted and if I have lots of free internet data that I am paying for, I should be allowed to leave the gates open for other to use as they see it. If I come across an open network, which is not secured, then I should be able to use that access point without worry.

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