Revenue raised from speed cameras and parking fines

Direct all revenue raised from speed cameras and parking fines to the National Trust.

(Insert your favoured organistion if you think stately homes / castles dont need our attention)

My idea stands whether you say 'Help for Heroes' or 'Sport England' etc.

We could indeed split the revenue between 20 organisations, such is the magnitude of the sums involved!

Why does this idea matter?

I am not completely anti speed cameras, and I think parking enforcement is an important part of city management, particularly in London. It appears fair to say that these two methods of punishing errant motorists have become less of a principled attempt to modify behaviour and more of a cash generating tool to swell council coffers. We clearly need to punish bad behaviour somehow. I would suggest that rather than laying themselves open to the 'cash cow' accusation I have made above, all revenue generated could be centrally collected and used to preserve our national heritage, thus reducing the need for councils to defend their policy and making the motorist less aggrieved about the penalty.  

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