Reversing the flow of immigrants.


The decision of the European Court on frozen pensions should be reversed. The idea of pensions based on residence is immoral and unworthy of the UK people,

Why does this idea matter?

Labour and Conservative Govts. have both claimed they are committed to fairness in their dealings with their constituents. Both have failed when dealing with pensions paid to retirees to selected countries overseas notably Commonwealth countries. The pension initially is based on years of contribution. However, any increase in that pension is based on country of residence. This has been widely acknowledged as grossly unfair and has shown successive Govts. in bad light.

The people denied the increase are in fact saving the UK expense because their medical, fuel and many other items are paid for or subsidised by the country of residence. Many people retiring wish to have access to their children and grandchildren and this has required them emigrating. There are many now wishing to emigrate but are deterred purely by the fear that inflation will eat away at their fixed amount of pension.

The Govt. needs to quickly redress this situation in the cause of fairness at the same time easing the burden on  the UK taxpayer.

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