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Revert back to Fire risk assessments being carried out by the Fire Officer

Comment 3rd July 2010

Legislation was changed regarding Fire Risk Assessments, so that the assessment became the responsibility of the business and the Fire Officer's inspection became a thing of the past. Each business has to provide its own written fire risk assessment.

Surely in an area vital to public safety such as this, we need the best qualified person to carry out the risk assessment? I'm sure an experienced fire officer will see dangers that many people would not be aware of, or worse still would chose to ignore.

My company makes furniture, including for bars, hotels, night clubs etc. and I am aware of several who have decided NOT to use fabric treated to the higher specification of flame retardancy (Crib 5), which used to be compulsory under the Fire Officer's recommendations, purely to save money. I have spoken to them regarding risk assessment, but generally they have decided that as everywhere is no-smoking, they'll never have a fire. Their assessment (if they have genuinely carried one out) is far too simplistic and potentially endangers people's lives. We must remove the responsibility for making these judgements from the individual, stop them from self-policing, and reintroduce the Fire Officer to make decisions in matters of public safety.

Why does this matter?


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