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Revert back to internal mock exams at secondary school

Comment 23rd July 2010

basically I would like the secondary school exams to go back to having a mock exam that are internally marked.  The current process means that schools are paying in the region of £100,000 a year to have their kid put through exams. This figure used to be £20,000. What was ever wrong with the idea of putting the kids through an internal mock exam, see how their doing, tell them what they've got to do and if they fail then they have to pay for themselves to resit the exam.

It's an important life skill to learn that there isn't always a safety net nad so you have to make teh best of the oppertunities that life offers you.

Why does this matter?

it will save schools around 80% on their current exam costs and instill stronger life skills in the kids.  At the moment they all seem to be growing up thinking that someones going to bail them out at every tern.  There's no self belief and no self reliance.  It's all about the state helping them out.  All the play barks are covered in cusions, thegirls just have to get pregnant and they can get a flat, if they have enough kids then they can earn a fantastic wage for doing absolutely nothing.

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