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Review and remove building regulations

Comment 28th July 2010

Many of the current and pending building regulations have been developed and promoted by equipment and product manufacturers. Their intention is to promote the requirement for use of their equipement and products. For example a recent introduction to Part G requires any new build to have an anti scald valve as part of the system. This was championed by a Lib Dem MP and supported by one of the large valve manufacturers. If anyone scalds themselves getting into a hot bath they are either; too young to be getting in on their own: too old to be allowed to get in on their own or are simply plain stupid. To impose this requirement on all new builds increases the cost again caused by the few onto the many. The number who scald themselves out of 60 million people I would hazard a guess to be very small but under the last government their stock answer was to create a blanket regulation or law against the many.

I do agree that a number of building regs are necessary and should be retained.

Why does this matter?

Removal of many unecessary building regs would reduce cost and time without affecting safety.

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