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Review Family Law and Secret Family Courts

Comment 1st July 2010

For those lucky enough not to have been involved with the Secret Family Courts you may find the following unbalieveable in Britain in 2010…..

There are such things as Secret Courts – they deal with Family Law, and allow such evidence as 'hearsay'.  Life changing decisions are made in these courts – such as to remove children from their homes and have them adopted.  Once done, nothing can reverse that decision.

There can be no reporters in these courts, and if anybody speak about what happened in a court – they are sent to prison.  Every week – distraught parents are going to jail

Why does this matter?

If you're ever on the end of an incompitent or corrupt Social Worker – or even if your neighbour/friend etc etc etc decided to report you to the services – this COULD genuinley happen to you.

Please Google 'secret family court' – i promise you'll hardly believe it possible.

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