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Review HTM 01-05 Protecting Patients

Comment 2nd July 2010

To protect dental patients properly and to save huge costs in equipment purchase, maintenance, avoid unnecessary building costs, to save costs on extra staff and to stop the over regulation and inspection of dentists before it spirals out of control.

 To change the HTM 01-05 regulations so they are fit for pupose

Why does this matter?

The new regulations are going to have the following effects:

Not make patients any safer in regard to catching an infection at the dentist. There is no evidence base for the efficacy of what is proposed- indeed there is evidence to suggest that the prions which cause infections will not be killed off.

Certain PCTS have stated that if practices do not build new central sterilisation rooms because there is no room then they will have to move premises or they will not have their contracts with the PCTs renewed. This means there will be fewer NHS dentists.

Dentists have a duty of care to their patients and must use evidence based research when they buy anything that is used  on patients.

How can dentists combine 2 opposing issues the safety of their patients or the pressure of the PCT.

Let the profession take control of what they know best. They are a bright intelligent group of people.

Review the new regulations, make them safer for patients, take an evidence based view and save a lot of unnecessary expenditure

Increase costs for cross infection control by dentists and the NHS having to build special central sterilisation rooms, staff them and put in place expensive equipment such as a £5,000+ washer dryer.

Increase costs for inspection.

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