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Review local councils

Comment 16th July 2010

Local councils are a large waste of money. They over pay their workers for basic jobs (such as admin), have so many different agencies where 1 department will do.  I live in Nottingham and work in a school.  The number of agencies that we can use is ridiculous.  Why not have 1 central agency that umbrellas everything.  A lot of these people have meetings to justify their jobs.  After sitting in meetings with these people I wonder why they have any job – it is because they justify it by being busy.  Being busy isn't a sign that you're doing a good job, it is a sign that your busy – in this case busy doing not a lot.

Why does this matter?

Local councils are wasting money and are left to their own devices (in the main). They abuse this and over charge everyone living in the area.

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