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Review of Alcohol Control Orders

Comment 6th July 2010

Review the overuse of alcohol control orders by councils, with a view to restricting their use, and possibly removing the power all together.

Why does this matter?

Alcohol control orders allow councils to make drinking alcohol illegal in certain areas, such as parks or town centres. The idea was that councils could tackle trouble-spots by allowing police officers to confiscate alcohol, leading to arrest and prosecution for those who do not comply. Unfortunately, many councils have simply implemented blanket bans, preventing people from, say, having a glass of beer with a picnic in the park or taking some mulled wine into the town square during festivals/markets. Problem drinkers are unaffected however, as they are simply more discrete, drinking down alleyways or behind trees, pouring their vodka into coca cola bottles first.

Whilst well meaning, the new power has been overused and has not worked, instead penalising responsible drinkers.

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