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Review of non dependant deductions on Housing and Council Tax Benefit

Comment 14th August 2010






In my opinion non dependant deductionson housing benefit  forces families to look for ways of beating the benefit system.

Non dependants who manage to find a job suddenly move out of the family home the same day they start working.  They say they are moving to a family or friends home who is not claiming housing benefit, more than likely they do not actually move out.

Rather than raise the non dependant deductions rates I think that they should be lowered so that they do not encourage people to go to the lengths to say they have moved address.   I believe that  this a common occurrence  and  a change needs to be made to the rules so that no one needs to lie about where they are living.

For the current rates of non dependant deductions (Click here)

Why does this matter?

 For the administration of housing and council tax benefit it would be better if a correct address address was known at all times.

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