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review or repeal law on harrassment

Comment 20th July 2010

i would like to see the law on harrassment repealed, or at least rviewed.I was convicted of this so called crime in 2006. The way this law stands at present, anybody can make an accusation,with little or no proof, and it is a virtual conviction. In my own case,Ihad protested to a neighbour about her 14 year old daughter, assaulting my 9 year old daughter,and I threatened to call the  Police. Several days later I was arrested and charged, with no evidence whatsoever,except for thier allegation against me.At the trial,again no evidence or witnesses were called against me , except for the mother and daughter, and their allegations. Ihave since spoken to another man,who was also convicted under similar circumstances.It seems ridiculous, that in this day and age,anybody can be forced into a criminal on the say so of another person with no proof whatsoever.  I would like to see the law at least changed so that the burden of proof is placed on the police and prosecution to prove a crime has been committed,and not just some petty act of revenge by some person who feels slighted, or an easy conviction for the police. Also the whole system of C.R.B. checks should be reviewed. It is my understanding that C.R.B. checks were originally brought in to stop sex offenders working with children,and not for someone working in a factory or warehouse.                        


Why does this matter?

I am presently unemployed,since being made redundant last year, now whenever I apply for a job,no matter how suitable I might be,as soon as it is known I have a criminal record any possibility of employment is gone. Basically,if anybody has a grudge against someone else,all they have to do is make an allegation of harrassment and ,with police help, and no witnesses required a life can be ruined forever. The prosecution and police must produce proper evidence, and witnesses, and not just hearsay and innuendo.This will,I am sure,reduce the number of cases brought before the courts under this unfair and unjust  law. Also,this so called crime should not be allowed to ruin peoples lives,by being put on the Criminal Records Bureau database.

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