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Review speeding laws.

Comment 9th July 2010

Make motorways unrestricted as they are in Germany. Remove speed cameras. Raise limits in certain places such as urban dual carriageways. 

Speed limits by themselves have a very marginal effect on road safety. The true safety factors are the quality of attention of the driver, ie; looking before pulling out onto the carriageway, keeping a proper distance, noticing vehicles turning right.

German Motorways have a comparable safety record to our own taking into account traffic density.  Breaking speed limits are a 'factor' in only 4% of accidents, acccording to reasearch including the Department of Transports own publications.

Given the responibility back to the driver, the vast majority will travel at a speed they are comfortable at, and drive safely. The minority that dont can be dealt with by conventional policing, under care and attention or recklessnes criteria.

Why does this matter?

Blanket speed limits are an impingement of civil liberties. They dont address the issue they pertain to address, ie road safety. They are open to abuse for the purposes of revenue collection and governmental control.

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