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Review the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008

Comment 16th July 2010

Review and revise the HFEA to end research on embryonic stem cells, which has produced NO feasible treatments for any diseases. Re-focus the money on adult and umbilical cord stem cell research, which has already produced promising treatments for leukemia, Crohn's Disease, heart disease, with other treatments in the pipeline.

I'm not suggesting the government has to say that an embryo has a complete set of human rights, but the government must at least acknowledge that there are many people, both religious people, medical ethicists and philosophers, who are deeply uncomfortable with the idea that an embryo is created with the specific purpose of being destroyed in research.

Proposed European legislation to change the rules on medical testing may make embryonic testing even more common, and it is necessary that we legislate now to prevent this further attack on the integrity of human life at its' origin.

Why does this matter?

Research funding is tight enough as it is, and it makes far more sense for research to be targeted at adult stem-cell research, which has produced proven treatments, than at embryonic stem-cells, which have produced nothing. Many people have profound moral problems with the destruction of human embryos for research, and out of respect for our unique humanity, we ought to join the many countries who have already outlawed this practice.

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