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Revision of the Smoking Ban

Comment 18th August 2010

A more Liberal approach should be employed by this gov't with regards to the smoking ban introduced across drinking hostelries. If people are forced by draconian legislation to stand outside to have a cigarette, then why can't the laws governing the structure of smoking shelters be relaxed so as to at least project the users from our very often inclement weather.

Why does this matter?

I was brought up in country that used to be tollerant of others, and where compremise in any given situation could be fostered between parties without the direct gov't interventionism imposed on us during these past 13 years. Reading peoples comments in national newspapers on this matter it has made me realise just how divisive this particular law has become. For any law to work and truly represent the people there needs to be debate, along with scope for revision. This is one such law that, in my humblist opinion, needs urgent redress in the house, with the exclusion of the three line whip.

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