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Revoke laws requiring student airline pilots to pay tax on training expenses

Comment 5th July 2010

Revoke and laws that require student pilots, already sometimes in debt of upwards of £100,000 to pay tax on their pilot training courses at recognised schools.

The tax was introduced some years ago after people abused the professional-training loophole allowing people to gain a pilots licence for please, but since regulated and approved schools now offer courses which bypass this type of licence, reintroduce the exemption for already over-stretched pilots and their families.

Why does this matter?

Training to be an airline pilot is an expensive process requiring 100% financial input from trainee pilots and their families for amounts of up to £100,000 or more. It is the only professional career path that requires such a financial input from individuals without being eligible for government/student support, whether by grants, loans or tax breaks.

Pilots are more often than not therefore required to obtain mortgage extensions or private bank loans, and with pilot training working as it does, the vast majority of the time this is done without guarantee of a job at the end of the course, placing far too much financial pressure and worry in the hands of trainee pilots who are already undertaking one of the hardest training courses possible for entry into any career.

By revoking these laws requiring pilots to pay tax on professional training costs, the financial pressure on trainees would at least be reduced and begin to encourage more high quality candidates for flight deck positions, rather than just those who have access to the inordinately large sums of money currently required.

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