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Revoke the anomaly that cow’s milk can be sold in weird units.

1 Comment 29th July 2010

Alone amongst all the liquids on sale in our supermarkets, cow's milk is unique in that it can be sold in multiples of 568ml rather than the more sensible 500ml used for everything else. In practice, cow's milk is often sold in *both* multiples (and on the same shelves too) and the result is a serious confusion for us, the customers.

Why is this permitted to happen? You don't find goat's milk or orange juice for sale in 568ml cartons – what was so magical about milk that made it an exception?

It's silly. Needs revoking.

Why does this matter?

You can't easily compare the prices of things when the quantities are inconsistent. Tesco, Sainsbury and Coop/Somerfield are all guilty of putting own-brand milk up against other brands in a mess of sizes. Tesco even mislabel the 568ml containers with a big "1" on the front which you'd think meant one litre (but obviously it doesn't).

It's a fine example of silly and incoherent law-making. Not something we should be proud of.

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One Response to Revoke the anomaly that cow’s milk can be sold in weird units.

  1. Michael Glass says:

    Good idea. Milk should be sold in such a way that consumers can make easy price comparisons. The present system is chaotic and should be replaced.

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