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revoke The Northumberland (Structural Change) Order 2008

Comment 12th August 2010

To revoke The Northumberland (Structural Change) Order 2008 as it was in direct opposition to the democratic wishes of the people of Northumberland expressed in the 2004 referendum. The order also specifically states that the Secretary of State did not seek advice from professional advisors prior to making the order nor did the Secretary of State consult the electorate in Northumberland. To be remined more than 50% of the electorate voted in the referendum and the majority were against a single unitary authority.

Why does this matter?

Because we live in a democratic society and the electors in Northumberland were asked to vote in a referendum on whether they wanted a single Unitary Authority and decided by a majority vote that they did not want a Unitary authority. Parliament then ignored the democratic wishes of the majority and imposed a Unitary authority agains tthe democratic majority and the Secretary of State failed to take advice and also failed to consult the electorate who had already voted in a referendum.

The response to consultation on the Unitary option reported that there was a majority of public responses against a single unitary authority in 2007 – a repeat of the referendum outcome. The Secretary of State wrote to councils and acknowledged that when the referendum was held that a minority of electors supported the Unitary authority.

In summary this is one of the greatest miscarriages of democracy in the UK and this should be repealed and compenstion paid.

We are aware that democracy costs – but it is vital to ensure democracy survives – millions gave their lives so we had a robust democracy – Parliment threw this away in moments when it ignored a democratic referendum.

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