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Comment 15th August 2010

At present all whistleblowers are persecuted and sometimes even prosecuted when they uncover a major scandal involving either Local or National government.

This should change completely and legislation should be introduced to REWARD any person publishing information that uncovers a gross inefficiency,a gross illegality,or gross negligence in any government department whether local or national.Government departments should be targetted by their own employees and should be grateful instead of outraged.The rewards could be decided by an arbitrator who would see that the sums awarded were commensurate with the size of the fraud or wastage uncovered;I myself as a businessman am grateful to any employee who uncovers and reports wastage or bad practice in my company.I believe that  government departments should have the same attitude if they really want to make economies.

Why does this matter?

This idea is important because at present the main concern of government departments when a scandal is brought to light is to trace the person who "spilled the beans" and punish that person instead of rewarding them as they should  ! Legislation should be brought in to set up a reward system as soon as possible !

The surest way to curb goverment waste and is to reward those who expose it !

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