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ridding the country of vermin

Comment 21st July 2010

Squirrels are vermin – they are basically rats which live in tress, they are destructive and breed like rabbits. The current regulations are ridiculous, you can shoot them, but not catch them and drown (or so I am led to believe) if you catch them, I have been told that you cannot release them into woodland as that is not their natural habitat. It seems to me that we should revert to the old system for dealing with other vermin – a shilling for its tail. I would love to remove the large number of squirrels from my garden.

Foxes are also a national nuisance, they pose a major risk to humans should they ever become rabid; they already are able to spread fleas, skin diseases and other diseases to pets and I am sue their faeces must be another source of potential disease. They have become extremely numerous in all areas from rural Wales ot central london. A few people feed them, but mainly they scavenge through rubbish left out by shops and other establishements –  the foxes attack and spread the rubbish, encouraging rats, flies and disease to spread. Whilst it is practical to hunt these in rural areas, it is hardly a suitable culling technique for urban areas. I do  not have a solution – but maybe an organisation like the RSPC should attempt to round them up where possible and then 'cull' them. I should also love to remove the large number of foxes that stroll through the garden, peer into the windows and wander around generally relaxing.

Lastly rats, I would like to think of some way of culling these – maybe again make it lawful and encourage people to catch them via traps or poison and then again to get a shilling for their tail.

Why does this matter?

See above – it reduces all the common vermin from all area.

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