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Right to protest against animal testing laboratories

Comment 8th July 2010

 Part 5 "Protection of activities of certain organisations" of the  SOCPA 2005 be repealed.

Blair bought in this unfair act  after meetings with pharmacuetical companies. protestors face lengthy prison sentences for staging or organizing any campaign against a lab however, peaceful. The fear of always present.  Animal rights protestors are being classed alongside real terrorists. This is unfair and totally unjustifieable. I have witnessed a young girl arrested for merely holding up an anti fur poster depicting a skinned rabbit. She spent several hours in the cells before being released. The police continually harrassed protestors . There is a concentrated move by the government and the police to prevent legal protest in every way possible.  This law must be repealed.  I am totally fed up with the government being swayed by multinational companies – most of which do not even pay taxes in this country.

Why does this matter?

Citizens of this country have fought for years to obtain democracy but this has been gradually eroded and our freedoms restricted.  This has to changed.

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