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Right to retreads

Comment 4th February 2016

Fleet car owners often lease. I don't know why but they do. Leasers impose conditions about how the car can be returned, and I read a set today from Mercedez Finance saying that retread tyres are not "acceptable". Return a car with retreads and they charge you for a new set of tyres.

This should be made unenforceable, if it is enforcable now. is the set of standards I've seen and the line is on pdf-reader page 10: "not acceptable: …. remoulds and other substandard tyres".

Why does this matter?

Everyone has seen used tyre mountains.

Retreads are cheap and environmentally friendly. They are more likely to be made in the UK than new tyres and so a shift to retreads saves money to drivers while increasing tax to government.

For some reason, retreads are widely used by fleet managers of buses lorries and taxis but less so for vans and very little for ordinary cars. I guess this might be one of the reasons.

I don't know what laws cover this but I know of some people who do. It's also a subject for a business-link style cluster of web pages for suggesting procurement economies to organisations, alongside things like turning the lights off at night and using bottled ink for inkjets. – The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association The Retread Manufacturers Association

; Not sure who these are but they look knowledgable.

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