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Comment 15th March 2013

Far too often people claim 'their rights' but ignor the 'rights' of others.

All the 'rights' under the current 'human rights act' are good and should be the right of all provided they do not stop others enjoying these same rights.

Anyone who denighs others their 'human rights' loses all but the most basic of theirs. So a person committing a crime cannot claim their 'rights' have been infringed by loss of liberty or any injury while trying to evade justice.

Similarly, those claiming asylum should be welcomed so long as they don't commit crime here. If they commit crime (expecially violent crime) they should be immediately deported upon conviction with no right of return no matter what they might face back home.

Those who commit property crime should make good the losses of their victims. From loss of assets upon conviction and if assets insufficient, the bill stays with them.

For those convicted of crime, a custodial sentence to be only given if it is deemed they will reoffend. All such custodial sentences to be automatically indeterminant. Release dependent upon when they are deemed to be unlikely to reoffend. Those who refuse to identify and testify against co criminals are unreformed and cannot be released.

The right to demonstrate should be included as a human right, however this must be balanced with the rights of others to continue their lawful activities. So all demonstrations must be where they do not cause such an obstruction like in a park, not where they can cause maximum losses to others – like 'The City' or blocking a runway at an airport etc. Those that do should pay for the losses sustained by those not involved that were affected by the 'obstructing demonstration'.

Similarly, all demonstrations must not be about denighing others their right to demonstrate. So if one group have organised a demonstation at a location / date / time, no other demonstration can take place at the same place / date / time, or they will be denighing the first group their right to demonstrate. The second group can demonstrate at a differtent location / date / time.

Why does this matter?

Our society is being devalued by those who 'claim their rights' while denighing other theirs.

Power should not be with such hypocrates but with the great number of law abiding caring citizens of this Country. If we are not to degenerate into a Country of seft seekers and mob rule, the State must ensure all are treated fairly and that the law is not abused by the few to the detroment of the many.

This is a responsibility the State is currently failing and which the current 'Human Right Act' allows by technicality means for the hypocrates to supress us.

Change the 'Human Rights Act' into the 'Human Rights and Responsibilities Act' with rights directly linked to fulfilling responsibilities will do this.

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