Rights to establish a static caravan as a permanent home on your own landW

Comment SUE NEIL 11th February 2016

We have bought a building plot but after establishing the services and servitude to access a private road and after paying solicitor, engineer re flood risk assessment and builder etc we cannot afford to do the new build. We can only afford to upgrade our static caravan to make it a permanent residence. My husband can make it look to blend in with our surroundings as he is a retired builder. However the council will not allow us to do this. We are so disillusioned by this as we have made the plot look neat and presentable where before it was a rough overgrown plot.

Why does this matter?

This matters because we have spent so much on making this plot attractive and paid for the services but the expenses have drained our financial resources and we love the situation and our surroundings and our neighbours but we can no longer afford to build a new home.  Considering the fact that for the past seven years there is a house nearby that has started a renovation but not completed it in that the roof still has no tiles on it and the council as far as I know have not raised an objection to this.  What is wrong with a static caravan on our site which will be anything but an eyesore and in front of us is a holiday caravan park?

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