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Risk assessment common sense

Comment 2nd July 2010

I am involved with a charity that plans to distribute leaflets from a table are our local country show.  In order to do this I've just spent nearly half an hour filling in risk assessment answering questions like "what are the hazards?" , "who might be harmed and how?" "What action are you taking" etc etc.

Risk assessments are important, but I would suggest they are not needed for a couple of people handing out leaflets (no electicity supply needed; no hot drinks to be spilled.) from a table in a marquee.

Why does this matter?

Fortunately I have an hour to kill this morning to wade through this rubbish and have time left over to visit this site. However, had I been pushed I probably would have taken one look at the risk assessment form and said "forget it".

If the government wishes more people to be involved in more voluntary work, then replacing health and safety regulations with common sense in simple areas like this is an important step.

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