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Road Safety – Liberate us from the recent imposition of “Daylight Running Lights”

Comment 2nd July 2010

The current trend for vehicle manufacturers to try to out-do one another with the fitting of ever more ludicrously and recklessly bright LED lights – such as on the new Renault Megane, but also of course Audis and so on – in the false, misguided, name of safety must stop then be reversed.

They are distracting and disorientating especially at moments, such as at junctions or roundabouts, when you need the clearest, calmest, perception of all that is happening around you.

They make it harder to judge the speed and distance of approaching vehicles.  They obscure indicators.  They make it harder to see road markings, pedestrians and more important hazards in any given scenario.

In rear view mirrors they are very tiring on the eye and, when you do need look in your mirrors, you need take your attention off the direction of travel for longer to look 'beyond and around' the confusing bright light whereas when followed by non-offending vehicles only a quick glance is required to safely assess what it is you are seeing.

Yes, Daylight Running Lights grab your attention but that is no more reason to think they are a safe good idea than it is to think that because heat kills germs you should use a blowtorch to wash your hands

Why does this matter?

Daylight Running Lights are surely the most pressing road safety problem of modern times.  There is a desperate urgent need to not only ban their fitting and use on modern cars but also to better publicise and enforce the Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations 1989 to avoid uncessary headlight glare too.

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