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Road Safety Partnerships

Comment 6th August 2010

Based on my own experiences with the Lancashire Partnership For Road Safety there is no question that these pathetic organisations should be the first for the chop. I have contacted them to ask why they do not prosecute drivers who us mobile phones, speeding motor cyclists or why they don't setup a speed camera at an accident black spot near my home only to be told that none of these aspects of road safety are in their remit!

It is also clear that these organisations will go to the far ends of the earth to secure a minor motoring offence to enable them to get paid overtime teaching the 'Speed Awareness' courses at weekend.

Why does this matter?

I blame the fact that the police are held in such low public esteem on groups such as the Lancashire Partnership For Road Safety and once dispanded can only go on to improve their public image. This is obviously in addition to the cost savings.

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