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Road Tunnel & Bridge Tolls

Comment 6th July 2010

Remove motorway tunnel and bridge tolls and save the country money. 

Why does this matter?

These tolls (booths) cause horrendous traffic delays and pollution, place enormous stress on drivers and collectively cost companies billions of pounds in lost production. It is sheer lunacy to continue to operate these unnecessary bottlenecks, which adversely affect millons of motorists on a daily basis in order to produce profits for few speculators and shareholders. The Government should, without delay, compulsory purchase and remove these unpopular barriers to efficiency and recoup the money directly from Vehicle Tax Licence fees. I would suggest that if the annual cost of a vehicle tax disc is increased by £5.00, it would provide more than enough cash to service and maintain all of the existing bridge and tunnel structures in the UK. 

Please support this idea – you know it makes sense.

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