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Robocaller & Telemarketer blacklist

Comment 25th June 2017

Users of PBX telephone systems could then regularly update the currently used Robo/Telemarketer numbers, and remove false poisitives. Public would be assured that the listed numbers are current and that private subscribers and false positives are not being blocked.

The current system of collecting these numbers from diverse web databases means anyone can blacklist YOUR NUMBER.

Why does this matter? or Ofcom should be required to publish and maintain a downloadable list of Robocaller & Telemarketer phone numbers, as provided by the public in complaints to the and logged on the Report a Concern app at .

This type of data is already provided in relation to the USA by the FCC why not provide the same service for the UK so that we are able to rely on correct and current call blocker listings.
False positives would then have an appeal procedure.

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