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roses should be made ILLEGAL if cannabis isnt made LEGAL

Comment 20th July 2010

i just thought i would counter attack all the people that seem hell bent on calling cannabis users lowlife scum and comparing our choices of relaxation to peadophiles and the like when actually its just a plant….so heres a short story to do just that, 

i was sitting in the garden minding my own business after a stressfull day at the office,  and i was  pondering life and the sometimes stupid rules we have to abide by,… then i thought i would do some gardnening but then disaster stuck,

you see i was knocked over by my dog who bless her heart is not the most nimble of dogs and weighs about the same as me… well when she ran in to me i landed in the roses,

now this is when the crime (ABH) was commited against me because after getting up i had several thorns deeply embedded in me very painful i can assure you…my point is i was injured by a plant (common rose bush) that is rife up and down the country and is one that causes harm, pain ,and suffering to thousands and also has been known to kill  people. 

unlike cannabis which has had NO deaths and yet it is perfectly fine to grow roses in abundance without being arrested…where is the sense in that i ask?

so i believe that if  cannabis is going to be kept illegal then  roses should be made illegal is well known that roses cause addiction  aswel just look at all the flower shows up and down the country and the gardeners that attend them are all hell bent on producing the biggest nastiest flowers and roses they can with out any disregard for there safety and others around them..

Why does this matter?

im just proving a point that how can one plant that is extremely harmful be legal and be socially acceptable when another plant which is NOT harmfull be illegal…..people who doubt cannabis and its users please open your eyes and forget the stupid stigma about cannabis…

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