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ryanair air theives

Comment 24th August 2010

there are a lot of foriegn people on the other end of the phone and you have to keep repeating the same thing , then sometimes it isnt right, and sometimes we cant understand and ear everything they say,,, you should be given  2 days if the paper work is incorrect the ,they should change it, i cannot see how ryanair are getting away with this paractise,, we have done a survey  of 300 people and 62 have had trouble with ryanair , this is high, the goverment should put a stop to this practise of a 150pound to change , there mistake ,you cant have the correct initial on 2 papers and incorrect on the 3rd,,

Why does this matter?

to stop ryanair steeling of the working man who have worked for their holidays, and stop the 150 pounds  for changing mistakes on tickets which a lot of the mistakes are made by them but you cant prove it they say we will have to listen to the tape,, we the consumer cant listen to the tape , but how can you have the correct name on 2 documents , and wrong on a third , they are conning people , they must be stopped it must be there new practice, to get more revenue,,,

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