s.4 Vagrancy Act 1824 (being found on enclosed premises for an unlawful purpose).

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Repeal it

Why does this matter?

It is an archaic law creating an offence that appears to be being increasingly used by the police and CPS when they are short on evidence. It is also extremely wordy and has been modified numerous times, making it almost unintelligible. It is ‘an act for the punishment of idle and disorderly persons and rogues and vagabonds in England’. If we really need such an offence, the statute should at least be cleaned up to make it relevant to the modern world.

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One Response to s.4 Vagrancy Act 1824 (being found on enclosed premises for an unlawful purpose)

  1. Stephen Ronson says:

    I was threatened with the 1824 vagrancy act last year, i was living in a tent on the edge of a rugby field on the out skirts of cambridge because i did nort want to go in to a hostel so i was told by pc’s Chris Dicks & Marc Thomas that i would have all my things including my tent confiscated & i would have to go to court to claim them, their attitude was of a bully boy manner.
    I have been homeless for 10 years not by choice but since i have been in a hostel i have had nothing but trouble, i have come under suspicion because i do not do drugs or drink,i am trying to get employment to get me out of my situation but i have had very little response and all of a negative nature

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