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Safeguard only that which needs safeguarding

Comment 9th August 2010

It is important to differetiate between medical data i.e. personal medical records and information that may identify a person. Personal medical data is protected and in my view should remain in such a condition. ID information is in my view less sensitive and where this information is required for the purposes of criminal investigation and can be demonstrated as required for such purposes, for example an enquiry held by the NHS Counter Fraud Service or the police then this information should be available.

Why does this matter?

The NHS is a publicly funded body that uses a very significant portion of the public purse it is essential that these funds are available for the purposes for which they are intended, at the moment, according to Dept of Health Guidlines only serious fraud would qualifiy for disclosure of ID details. A majority of fraud carried out by patients is measured in the hundreds or thousands of pounds but these offences are taking place by the thousand across the UK daily, the cost of these multiple attacks is huge but can not be individualy investigated.

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