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Sale of alcohol – reduce outlets, raise age to purchase

Comment 6th July 2010

We unfortunately have a deplorable 'drink culture' in the Britain that many other nations share but to a far lesser extent.  We need to return to responsible drinking in society, as was more the norm in the 50's, 60's.

I suggest the following as steps to correct the balance

1. – raise the legal drinking age to 21 in public houses and other public places.

This would provide for a (hopefully) more mature and socially responsible age for legally being allowed to purchase and to consume alcoholic drink in normal places it is dispensed and in all public places. Supermarkets and pubs already operate the 'ask if 21' so this should not be a major problem with outlets.

2. – segregate alcohol sales from other sale products

Supermarkets sell alcohol alongside fish fingers. There is an ease in the purchase as a normal part of grocery shopping. There should be a return to separate alcohol stores (off-licences for want of a better term). These could still be operated by the major retail chains as well as the smaller independent traders, but should be from separate and segregated stores from the main super / hyper markets. A separate entry point from the road side pavement into the store would reduce the 'casual'purchase and the sneak attempt to buy by under-age purchasers.

3. – Stop all alcohol sales from petrol filling stations / service stations    

Stores linked to the sale of vehicle fuels (petrol stations) should be prevented from selling alcohol in any form. There is no desire to link the sale of intoxicating drink with the use and operation of vehicles. This would be a minor inconvenience to traders and to those wishing to buy alcohol, but one that sends the correct message.

4. – ban the drinking of alcohol in any public place unless authorised

Parks, play-grounds, bus shelters, bmx and skate parks, streets (other than forecourts to appropriately licensed premises), arenas, etc. should be no alcohol areas, unless there is a licence issued for alcohol consumption which the local could (previously the courts) would adjudicate over).

Please consider this suggestion and support if you can.

Why does this matter?

Any step to reduce and deter unacceptable and inappropriate drinking should be seriously considered. It is not an answer in its own, but a step to right the balance which has by stealth gone too far along the anti-social path.

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