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saving lives is the only true idea that can save our country

Comment 16th August 2010

"Saving Lives" is a factually-based documentary that has taken twenty years of research to make, which aims to bring awareness on the issues of bullying, racism, domestic violence, drugs and crime. An idea that can save lives, it can save our country trillions of pounds that can be better spent on other things for the benefit of the country and its people

The campaign will lobby Governments and decision makers around the world to address these damaging, dysfunctional social problems. This will ensure that our children have a harmonious future – and help them to reach their true potential as adults

This  documentary is  for the  people of the  world

Why does this matter?

it will save  lives  cut  down on crime  domestic  violance, bullying at  schools bullying at  work places,

the idea is a forty  year  plan  to  give  a better  future  for all the people that  is  to  come and live in this  world after  long  we have  long gone

see the  documentary and let your own conscious decide,

for my  part this is the only idea that  can save  our  country

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