scaledown this nonsensical part p certification nonsence

to scale down this awful part p,bereaurocratic nonsence, when i first trained in the electrical industry all our major work was independently inspected and tested by a local supply board inspector, now its either done by an installer himself (self certification ) which costs small companies a small fortune, or by the local building inspector,who is not a trained electrical engineer,

I feel this system is so mad,it was far better before, the labour goverment came up with this mad idia,

I know loads of people in the domestic electrical field are totally fed up with all this red tape nonsence,

after hearing from other engineers ,like myself envolved in the electrical industry for the last 25 years, this was a step to far.

Why does this idea matter?

to remove the major burden of small and medium electrical buisnesses having to spend vast amounts of money, to register for this unnesasary paperwork and red tape, it should be modeled on the old system, of completion form to the local supply authority, they send the inspector to view, test the instalation and then pass or fail it,

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