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school curriculum should be decided by experts in each subject

Comment 2nd July 2010

the school curriculum should be determined by a panel of experts regarding their related subjects, for example biologists should write the biology curriculum.

Why does this matter?

This is especially important because the future of the UK rests on education and the more competitive our education is, the more secure we can be on the world stage. I have just finished my A-levels and far too many times i found myself thinking that the reason i was being tought something was purely political instead of it being for the advancement of my education. the current system seems to be moving slowly towards gearing people only to get jobs rather than to maximise their education, which will naturally unlock jobs. By having experts determining what is relevant in their subjects, this problem could be avoided, admittedly some subjects don't need to be changed for example History but GCSE sciences are simply a joke! 

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