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school holidays

Comment 27th July 2010

reducing the summer holiday to 4wks.  the government want us single mums to get back to work!!well some of us try.

i work for a very successfull "dragon" and although the company is very accomodating and supportive during holidays the 6/7 week stint is gruelling when trying to juggle a demanding job and motherhood.

not to mention the expence of child care!

would it not be more in line with the modern world to look at reducing this holiday to make it more workable for all,by all i also include familys with mums and dads who also have to work often having to split holidays to cover this long period and not able to have a holiday together!

on one of the comments it mentions the cost would still be the same,yes it would but it would be spread out!!!life is hard enough without the extra challenges.

teachers may deserve a justified break.dont we all?

a hard working mum of a 6yr old.

Why does this matter?

the world has looked at the family unit and the break down of society.

an happy balance between work and home is what we are all looking for.

is it a fair system that teachers get 6/7 weeks off just for the summer paid plus all the other holidays??

dont we all desrve the same?

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