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Scrap all moves for revalidation of health professionals

Comment 9th July 2010

Halt all moves to untroduce revalidation for health professionals including pharmacists and doctors. It is not a good use of public money and there is no evidence that it is a cost effective way of improving healthcare. It represents the worst of rules-based regulation that was typical of the last government. There are already procedures in place for suspending or de-registering professionals who pose a risk to the public.

Why does this matter?

Already the proposals are costing thousands of man-hours of committee time by health professionals, who should be focusing on more constructive planning or action. If the proposals are implemented, the costs will be huge, the administrative burden enormous and the stress on professionals considerable. If proposals were dropped now, a proportion of the money saved could be used to improve post-qualification training and engagement with regular, low-key, supportive monitoring. The rest of the money could be used for frontline NHS services.

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