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Scrap Copyright for personal/non-profit use

Comment 1st July 2010

Be it Art, Music, Film, Software, reports.. it's all data in one way or another which whilst the creator should have a right to make money from it and control usage by business, all data should be free for personal use.

That doesn't mean eg.  you aren't allowed to put shareware restrictions on software but if you do get hold of a full version via P2P then it shouldn't be illegal.

If someone is profiting (eg. selling DVDs in the pub) then this should be punished harder

Why does this matter?

Data freedom is good for everyone and helps progress and improves quality of life for everyone.

Too often big business goes after the easy target – the P2P user when they really should be going after the business/dodgy traders who profit from data without paying their share for it.

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